Muttontown Today

Muttontown is in the Town of Oyster Bay. It is a residential community encompassing 4,530 acres on Nassau County of the north shore. It is bordered on the north by East Norwich and on the south by Jericho. Muttontown is located just 25 minutes from Manhattan. The village's chief access roads are Route 106 & Route 25A.

Statistics & Facts
The population of Muttontown is 3,648, according to the 2016 census. The approximate number of households is 1179. The distance from Muttontown to Washington DC is 260 miles. The distance to the New York State Capital in Albany is 175 miles.

The amount of land area in Muttontown is 6.1 square miles. Muttontown is positioned 40.82 degrees north of the equator and 73.53 degrees west of the prime meridian.

The Village of Muttontown was incorporated August 31, 1931. It is a village of Magestic Hills and Estates. Two former estates of New York City families are now known as The Muttontown Golf and Country Club and The Woodcrest Acres. Third estate (most intact) former Brewster Estate now Hoffman Center a 155 acre nature preserve and Chelsea Mansion located on the Muttontown Preserve, former home of the Village's first Mayor Benjamin Moore.

"Muttontown", the name, derives from early use of the land for sheep grazing. It is formerly a "great sheep district". In the 1600s the early English and Dutch settlers found the rolling hills ideal for the thousands of sheep that grazed here, providing mutton and wool. Muttontown is probably best known for its nature preserves, its handsome estates and of course, its pleasant residential character.